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Works on Iron - Artists Statment


Works on Iron are done in a unique assemblage technique. We use authentic elements derived from the past and our own wood sculptures in modernistic minimalist compositions on big industrial iron plates. The materials we use are derived from the various cultures that co-exist in Israel. We take these materials and give them new meaning by integrating them into an artwork.

Israel is rooted in the oriental region of the world, and is co-inhabited by different cultures.
The materials we use are derived from these cultures. Through these pieces we connect with the Israeli and regional cultures, creating a linkage between them and emphasizing their common characteristics. We use these artworks as a bridge between past and present. 
The mere thought that people of various cultures once used these same “materials” in the course of their daily lives, mesmerizes, exhilarates and links us to them.
We conjure up their images. The Jew standing in prayer, donning the prayer shawl with the silver ornaments, the hard-working Bedouins and Yemenites crafting the amulets and beads, the people who used these very same coins in days gone by.

The use of wood in some pieces intimately ties in with the entire series, both for the use of the rigid iron plates, and, with some pieces, for the combination of antique elements and woodwork. The use of iron as background and an integral part of the artworks is derived from the strength, ruggedness and authenticity that we perceive the iron to convey, thus providing a suitable background for these artworks.

"Two artists working together" certainly sets the grounds for an unusual experience. And yet, we find that we are greatly enriched by the mutual work, which contributes synergic, potent and integrated creativity to our joint endeavor, along with mutual insemination and positive, constructive criticism. At the same time, neither of us has to forego her conceptual and artistic independence, as we both share a similar artistic perception and see things eye-to-eye. We each leave-out our own "ego", so that it doesn't interfere with our mutual work, and encourage, support and strengthen each other.

We both live in Jerusalem, which is also where we find the materials we incorporate into our work. The search for these materials is a special experience on its own. We roam the allies of Jerusalem, visit the various markets, and make colorful and fascinating acquaintances. Some are open, gladly willing to help, while others are more reserved, and it takes a while longer to get them to cooperate with us. In more aspects than one, Jerusalem is reflected in our works, being an amalgamation of the old and new, the modern and the simple, an ingathering of the exiles and of religions, cultures and nationalities.

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